Wikileaks, a chronology and the 2016 US Election

Some people have come under fire for being Wikileaks fans pre-2010 lately given their release of hacked DNC emails during the 2016 US Election cycle.

This chronology lays out my reading of wikileaks and understanding of what they are and what a benefit they are to a free and open society if caution and skepticism are used.



2009 – Hacked emails from climate scientists at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia were released. This is the first leak I can recall being critical of wikileaks for; information that might potentially support a position contrary to my own but in the end turned out to be insignificant and showed no wrongdoing on the part of the scientists, if anything it taught a lot of people about the tough pursuit of real science and difficulty of data handling.

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