Wikileaks, a chronology and the 2016 US Election

Some people have come under fire for being Wikileaks fans pre-2010 lately given their release of hacked DNC emails during the 2016 US Election cycle.

This chronology lays out my reading of wikileaks and understanding of what they are and what a benefit they are to a free and open society if caution and skepticism are used.



2009 – Hacked emails from climate scientists at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia were released. This is the first leak I can recall being critical of wikileaks for; information that might potentially support a position contrary to my own but in the end turned out to be insignificant and showed no wrongdoing on the part of the scientists, if anything it taught a lot of people about the tough pursuit of real science and difficulty of data handling.

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Reality and American Democracy.

They’ve never really been good bedfellows.

Its been a while since I’ve written anything here but I figure the convulsions our nation is experiencing pre and post November 8th warrant a bit of scrawl.

It struck me just recently how gullible Americans are, like really really gullible. Watching both the supporters of Barack Obama in 08/12 and now contrasting with Trump in 16. They both really wanted change, in my opinion we got some change from Obama and we’ll get some change from Trump, but these are tiny variations in a national trajectory that is dictated by cold hard reality.

Whatever in your opinion Dave is that cold hard reality ?

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Bernie or bust ? It’ll be bust, trust me.

I commented on this post a while back, it was about a week after the Brexit vote.

Here’s what I said :

“As a British immigrant to the US I paid very close attention to people lumping Trump together with the success of Brexit. I pegged the outcome of Brexit 100% wrong, I thought the UK would never vote to leave the EU. I was wrong.

I’ve read all the opinions about how the UK and US demographics are not conducive to such a comparison between Brexit’s success and Trump’s, but thats not really the point for me: I got it massively wrong and it was a big shock. Could I also be wrong in thinking Clinton is a shoe in ?

I keep reminding my friends that there is so much money riding on that ol’ gal and that the prospect of a female president is so irresistible to some that there is no way she’d lose. I felt fairly secure in my protest vote for Bernie come November. Just like I felt secure in my protest vote for Rocky Anderson back in 2012.

But things are changing and for me at least Brexit was a clear bell toll. Racists, bigots and ignorant morons are a substantial voting bloc on both sides of the Atlantic. Will I vote for Clinton, well, lets just say its a pretty good possibility given the recently illuminated possible alternative.” Continue reading


Posted to facebook March 10th 2016.

Shut up and listen. That’s a skill I wish we could teach everyone and they would take it seriously. Sitting and quietly listening and observing might be one of the most satisfying skills to master, it pays off sometimes with deep satisfaction, I am sure somebody who meditates could tell me a thing or two. I like many prefer to do my sitting and listening outside like I did when I got home from work today.

I was fortunate enough to be in “my happy place” as I recently dubbed it, where I am sitting as I type, my back yard. My yard sits next to a utility easement with high voltage lines. They attract Birds, lots of birds. Today I was lucky enough to get re-acquainted with what I think is a European Starling, you know the babbling warbling mimicking type. He’s still sitting up there about 35ft in the air, right now he thinks he’s a Gamble’s Quail, mixing it’s distinctive call into his mix of chirps, squeaks and coos. He ran the whole gamut, Grackle, Woodpecker, Phyrialoxia mixed with so much more diverse and interesting audio.

I sat and listened to what he had to tell me, in multiple languages I couldn’t comprehend. I sat and listened, looked up and sat and listened some more. He had a lot to say and I listened to every peak and trough, in 1 to 2 minute frenetic bursts, spaced by moments of silence where he looked around to see if anyone was listening.

I didn’t understand a thing but the physical act of quietly observing calmed me so much, I felt lucky to be able to listen, to have the chance, oh, he’s at it again… he won’t shut up. 😉

Slow down, stop and listen.

Political Correctness indeed shouldn’t be a barrier to the truth.

Lets damn well act like it.

Its widely publicized that “Conservatives” for a long time have detested the notion of the PC Nation and Trump supporters flock in droves to his speeches in part because he’s against political correctness. This article by Ben Bransetter outlines the convenient way railing against PC culture is simply a feint to allow offensive speech which draws voters out of the racist woodwork.

Ben rightly identifies Trump is flirting dangerously with becoming another clear historical example of why “PC Culture” exists in the first place and why its abandonment is troubling, but stay with me here as I try to outline why decrying politeness and characterizing it as a quashing of the truth needs to be turned on its head.

It is sad to note that blue collar Americans all over the country have fallen into Trump’s strongman demagoguery, Facebook is replete with lamentations that if only they had better information, if only they truly had a yearning to really understand instead of yelling at the closest out-group.

Its sad that they find Trump’s brand of rhetoric is one that resonates with a truth as they see it. But. Perhaps its time to stop fretting about the situation these people find themselves in and address them en-masse in exactly the same manner Trump is.

Tell them the un-varnished truth; you’re ill informed, incurious and being played.

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Everybody hates cleaner energy.

On the far left and most of the mainstream right, people of all stripes hate cleaner energy. Notice how I say cleaner ? And not clean? Or renewable? Even if the adjective lacks detail I don’t find its use offensive or deceptive, but I rarely use it.

I recently talked with somebody who is very offended by green washing and lumps solar in with fracking as just as “green” as each other. Principly it seems because the stuff to make solar panels is mined (shock bloody horror!) Continue reading