Automatic shit sucker.

It’s been a while dear readers. I’m here this morning to kvetch about the ridiculous trend of automation, specifically bathroom applications of techno whizzardry such as no touch sensors.

OK, they reduce germs right? Meh I could be convinced either way. Interacting with auto-faucets, autoflush toilets and even towl dispensers I could just about deal with, but add a soap dispenser on top of that and I feel as though the human race must have devolved into some sort of ameoboic blob with no didgits on the ends of its stumpy, inadequate, floppy or brittle appendages.

How far are we away from actually having to push out our own excrement I ask ? It’s a logical question for the progress obsessesed germaphobic effort-disinclined among us. The soap dispenser I interacted with this morning was the nail in the coffin of my auto-waste removal experience.

After the familiar fumbling experience that all users must perform to find out where to place ones hands (or butt) to interact with the bathroom automatons, to discover their range and sensitivity, the soap dispenser promptly ejected its product over my hand, as in uselessly into the sink.

Aside from the inept design of such a system I felt as though I had just participated in some sordid cyber-punk robot sex.

Are my hands too small? What product testing was done on these units, were they not calibrated to avoid having to use two hands? One to tickle and one to catch? Oh Christ on a bike.

Survive progress with your stumps.


Whipping up shallow thought

This caught my attention

Like most of Hoenig’s tweets it attracted a fantastic array of people, the minority of whom have something productive to offer, on which a further conversation might be built. I encourage a quick browse of the replies to see if you can figure out who.

Tweets like this are commonplace amongst those who revel in shallow thought to protect thier comfortable world view; we are/I am/this is awesome, climate change is a hoax, there is nothing better than what we do now, liberals are idiots and dont know a good thing, or any number of combined idiotic memes. Continue reading

You didn’t do the required reading.

This is comedy gold. Sean Hannity is a pretty easy target for fact checking given that his entire persona is bluster and ignorance and his lifeblood is onesided fact free argument.

The fact that people watch this man, trust his opinions, watch him for guidence and reassurance (even if not conciously, infact its almost a certainty) is pretty scary. “I’m not an oil expert” … well what business do you have making any of those statements ?

“Because people believe 90% of the crap I say on my show, what, the rest of reality isnt like that?!”

Getting facts wrong, or further, ignoring them completely and seeking no expert opinion or data is sadly not an isolated trait of media pundits right or left. It presents itself in daily life as I experienced recently. Continue reading

As I see it.

I have had a pretty tough time following recent narratives in the NSA/Snowden/Wikileaks/Manning clusterfuck recently. I follow plenty of people on twitter with dogs in the fight on both sides.

Emoprogs vs Statists, it’s a debate where nihilism and fear run wild and are rebutted by claims that secrecy is necessary (I’ve never disputed this, I don’t take anyone who does seriously.) NSA wrongdoing is miniscule & oversight can be strengthened.

Continue reading

Keep your bullshit subtle and be genuine.

I’m attempting to write about this without falling into a judgmental pitfall and without sounding like a friend that’s been misled even though that’s how I feel.

I’m pretty sick of people, namely what a lot of people would refer to as “liberals” railing against war in the mid-east for oil, decrying the climate situation, acknowledging energy decline while hating fracking with every fiber of their being and then buying a brand new SUV.

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Dispersing important actionable intelligence, building a better future.

So much of our lives is filled with extraneous non-information and “knowledge” that when something comes along which looks like a duck, walks like a duck and is certainly the real thing, I’m going to try to promote it.

Eric Garland is calling all folks who yearn to know more about exactly what this decade is all about, what brought us here and where we are actually going and why. Transition Economics 2014 will be held in St. Louis in May and aims to stuff together experts, professors, business leaders, investors and well, just about anyone interested in building a better future, all in the same room.

This information needs out

People like Eric and his cohorts need our help disseminating important ideas and developing new stories about a transition from what we all moan about as being “broke” to something new. If I or Eric had infinite capital this conference would be nationally touted on the airwaves as an alternative to faux feel good fluff, as a journey into the real, raw hard process of crunching real data and thrashing out real solutions to help any community complete a successful transition, dealing with big trends and tough realities.

A subscription to the Wall St. Journal, or to those cabal channels, a trip to six flags, when you tot up important information units per dollar, Transition Economics probably wins hands down because of the voices being hosted.

A webcast and DVD are possibilities further expanding the message of Transition to people who need to hear it.

These thinkers need our help

If you have the means and the interest I highly recommend attending, not least that these thinkers can get together and start making noise, noise that can be noticed nationally, internationally, becoming part of a wider transition lexicon which can help guide people in gaining actionable intelligence to secure a bright future.

Go, talk, drink, laugh, cry, BUILD.