Drones, civil rights, energy and climate.

That is quite an expansive set of topics to include in the title of a single blog entry I realize, but I’ll do my best to tie them all together.

It cannot have escaped many of us who are not distracted by the Punch and Judy show featuring  Romney and Obama that during the last few years we have slipped into a reality where serious threats to the future of our democracy have arisen. These come not from terrorists or dangerous nuclear armed dictatorships, but from our own government.

There has always been a bit of background noise in any discussion by Republicans about Obama’s presidency that he’s shredding the constitution. Usually this is in reference to his “guns and religion” comment on the campaign trail and fear that he would eviscerate the 2nd amendment (laughably adhering to “Agenda 21”) which is utterly unfounded.

Rarely will you hear actual discussion about his administration’s Department of Justice’s actual attacks on constitutional rights from the left or right. This is sad as they are very real and very threatening.

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