Reality on TV … ?

Two years ago I wrote about something I thought would be a very important vehicle for education about peak oil and the energy crisis, a TV Drama.

I’m about to watch the second season of The Walking Dead on Netflix, but before I do I’ll be watching something very interesting I came across: A discovery channel show called “The Colony” filmed in 2009.

Regrettably its “Reality TV” but for what it is, its not too bad. It is exactly the kind of “vehicle for education” that I should have written about. Reality TV is not your typical scripted drama for obvious reasons, but it does contain plenty of drama. (eep :/ )

The Colony puts 10 people into a post apocalyptic world, the premise of which is some sort of virus or biological accident has rendered downtown LA and the rest of the world a dystopian nightmare. The Colonists must make do and survive and build back some semblance of civilization. Hey, that sounds an awful like a future reality we might actually face. The show employs some expert narrators also, one, a former homeland security advisor makes no bones about how “the world can change in an instant” … “natural disasters, human conflict, nuclear war, biological war etc…”

The reason I think the show is worth a watch is because it is structured to actually show the viewers exactly what problems you can face in such a situation, and exactly what kinds of solutions you can come up with. Hopefully some of this knowledge sticks. So far they’ve built a wood gassifier hooked to a small engine running an alternator for power and harvested rainwater … early days yet.

Check it out.

I know at some point they get some PV panels (which they manage to self shade quite well … fail) so I know its going to get better … and easier for them to stop squabbling over power usage.