Letter to Explorer .. this is just getting old now…

Alright, so a confluence of factors made me write this. Jesse Kelly is the local teabagger rube running for office in my congressional district. I heard him spout a fox news report about dear old Obama holding back massive oil resources right here at home ! THE HUMANITY !

Of course its a crock of shit, if there’s one thing I try to stay on top of it energy realities. Bingo. Do all the digging you want on the Green River Formation; its not economically viable, if you want it go get it, Obama’s not going to stop you. Shell and Exxon have held development leases in the GRF for 30 years. 30! Years!


So when some dumbass writes into the local paper espousing the great Jesse Kelly’s plans for America including his “energy policy” I just about took a shit. I was quite proud of myself for the title and opening paragraph, suck those idiots in !!

Here ya go.


Agree with Kelly on Energy Independence

I agree with Jesse Kelly on this nation’s ability and necessity to use domestic energy to bring about energy independence. I doubt though that Mr. Kelly or the voters he’s attempting to woo know what this means. Discussing this goal many continually cite the Govt. Accountability Office report on the Green River Formation.

The GRF does indeed contain 1.5 trillion barrels of technically recoverable ”oil” this is where most reporters stop. We have more oil than the Saudis they trumpet. The reality is starkly different.

The GRF is filled with a substance called Kerogen, a substance which needs extensive energy intensive processing, and not an insignificant amount of water, to produce any refinable hydrocarbons, more than typical tight oil shale deposits such as the Bakken. A USGS survey of the GRF points to yields of 6 – 15 gallons of oil per ton mined.

Shell and Exxon have been testing technologies in situ for the best part of 30 years. Heating the resource 2 years before extraction, attempting to take the place of geologic processes which haven’t occurred yet to be able to extract useful components of Kerogen before processing or refining, mean this is not even near $100 a barrel oil. It will not bring low gasoline prices.

When we reach energy independence, perhaps as some nations continue to hit export peaks, we won’t be awash with easy oil and low energy prices regardless of who represents CD8, or the nation.


The uncomfortable truth – Memorial day May 28th 2012

We all remembered the fallen this memorial day, honored and loved those who still fight today. To fight for ones country is the great achievement commonly celebrated on this day. Today though it is a perverse and very uncomfortable position which we are in.

I adore those close to me who serve and yet I pity them. They are fighting for our country, yet those who celebrate their service know absolutely nothing of what they are fighting for. Defeat terrorists? Humanitarian reasons? Democracy? Saddam’s atrocities? (which we enabled) or Ensuring a manageable global oil price? That would be more accurate.

Countless documents and reports from governments and media show all the way through 2001 to 2003 the buildup for the Iraq war was centered around Iraq’s possible possession of ¼ of the world’s easiest oil. Oil Saddam was successful in selling exclusively in Euros during 2002, usurping the USD position as reserve oil trading currency of the world, this was a threat; we’re not too fond of dominos.

Dick Cheney put stock in the theory that world oil production would peak before 2010, which it did. It made the situation that much more urgent.
Iraq is predicted to rival Saudi Arabia in its excess production capacity by 2016 at around 12 million barrels a day. An oil market hitting global decline will be glad for the input.

At or before that date I would like you all to pause and think; there is a small percentage of blood in all the world’s gas tanks. Maybe subsequent memorial days will be filled with thanks from all oil-using corners of the globe.

When you thank an Airman, Infantryman or Seaman for his service and defending your freedom, please do it sincerely and recognize which freedom you’re talking about.
I love this country and can’t stand to see it lied to.

http://www.thedebate.org/thedebate/iraq.asp <- those documents and media reports I referenced.