Oh Sh*t

A couple of weeks ago, me and Megan brought another dog into our lives. We saved her from being put to sleep at Pima County Animal Control Center. She had a cold, we nursed her, gained her confidence and got her to walk confidently and go to the bathroom.

In the last couple of days she grew weak and stopped eating, got wobbly on her legs and as the latest vet visit confirmed, she lost 5lbs We’re pretty sure its distemper, and there is a high probablility she won’t make it.
I hate to think that we saved this animal from one cruel fate, only for her to suffer another.

I think we took a great risk, not only to our own animals, who have been pretty good about it. But also risk to our emotional state, for the dog, but also our emotional feelings towards the world. If you get entangled in the cruel realities of the world and all of its nasty, horrific, seemingly unsolvable problems you end up hating that world with hellatious vigor.

And we do, we HATE the world for what it has done to this animal and countless other thousands, we HATE the world for its indifference to suffering, waste, pollution and at times we HATE ourselves for being complicit in its machinations.

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